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:star: REMINDER: Reposting any of my work on other sites is NOT allowed unless I give you my permission to do so. Stealing/tracing over my work is unacceptable and considered art theft. Common sense guys.

Hello everyone, thank you for visiting my page :heart: Please call me Shad0w, or Sid. I am a young artist that works in various mediums (mostly traditional) and I keep trying to improve. I'll post on here every now and then, do expect random works as my fandoms vary. I love to game and draw. My current obsessions are Undertale, Skullgirls, Megaman X, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Smash Bros., Gravity Falls, The Flash, Gotham, Sonic the hedgehog, Ratchet and Clank, and Deadpool.
I want to improve on my 2D animating skills and digital art (I'm still a newbie to them ^^;). Constructive criticism is appreciated. :)



That's all for now, thanks for reading! :iconbaibaiplz:
I'm home.. finally. x-x Long, long day but finally made it home. 
The con was wonderful, saw a lot of cosplayers from different fandoms; from Kingdom Hearts to LoZ to Pokemon to DC/Marvel and much much more! I was honestly not expecting as many Undertale cosplayers, so I was happy about meeting others as obsessed as me. xD
A little later I'll post my cosplay- oh, also - for the Cyantale pages, I will update it tomorrow cuz.. I'm rather exhausted. ^^;
But yes, super duper fun time and I'm happy to have been there. ^-^
Thanks for reading
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.::TAKING OVER::. by PikaSonic
I was inspired by the song "Brainwasher" by Daft Punk and ended up making this. 
I'm.. going through yet another Daft Punk phase. orz

Honestly I have no idea what's going on. I just wanted to draw Error really glitchy.

Error!Sans belongs to loverofpiggies [via tumblr].
Art belongs to me.
Please do not repost elsewhere.
.::Hello =)::. by PikaSonic
.::Hello =)::.
Warm-up doodle of Cyantale!Chara. Trying to practice a colouring style I'll be most comfortable using. Still got a lot to figure out. :shrug:

Anywho, Cyantale!Chara. :U

CT!Chara and art belongs to me.

Please do not repost elsewhere.
.::Undertale::. by PikaSonic


I was worried I wouldn’t get this done in time for Sept 15 (cuz I’ll be busy on that day) so I got it done for today!

Man.. it’s amazing how fast time flies. Feel like yesterday since I played the game.

Congrats to Toby Fox for creating such a spectacular game! I know it may be stressful getting famous so quickly but you absolutely deserve it!

The rest is just me explaining my experience with Undertale (contains some stuff about depression and personal stuff so just fair warning).


Last year, around summer time, I was in a bit of a slump. I was going through what felt like a long, long episode of depression. I’ve been struggling with depression for years - off and on. I was unmotivated. I was uninspired. My obsessions with other stuff such as Megaman X, Sonic, Tokyo Ghoul… all that kinda withered away. And I felt empty. Going through another year of university, being jobless the entire summer really made me feel empty deep down. I could only hide away how I really felt with a fake smile, just to get my family off my back. It was around July-August that one of my friends told me about a game called Undertale, and how it was set to release September 15, 2015. My friend showed me some of the characters, the music- but honestly, at first glance, I admit that I wasn’t impressed. Although some of the characters looked cool, I didn’t have much interest with the game. Not until around late October, I decided to give it a try. It was only 10 bucks, so why the heck not? Prior to that, I watched Game Grumps play the very beginning of Undertale, so I spoiled it a bit myself, but not entirely.  But anyway.. I played the game.. and I was absolutely shocked. Stunned. Bewildered.

I was so into the game. So connected with the characters. I wanted to play more of it. I binge played it through and through for a full 6-7 hours straight. Encountering Flowey. Interacting with enemy monsters. Hugging goat mom goodbye. Meeting the skeleton brothers. Venturing through Snowdin. Waterfall Hotland. The CORE… Learning the truth of the First Fallen Child. About the fate of the kingdom. Facing Asgore. Battling Flowey (I remember it so clearly - I literally had to sit down for an hour to process what I just encountered). Going on a date with Alphys. Discovering her past. And finally.. facing Asriel.

All of it was emotional. It was heart-wrenching. It was a beautiful, breath-taking experience. I was in awe the entire time I played. 

The music was outstanding. The characters were so relatable and loveable in their own way - every single one of them (yes haha.. even Jerry). Just.. it was miraculous. It changed my viewpoint on video games. It changed my view entirely. 

Undertale brought back my inspiration. It gave me that missing, healing piece I haven’t felt in a long, long time. It made me feel.. well, determined. I’ve been drawing Undertale fan art non-stop. Almost every day. I’ve been listening to the music, even the fan music. I’ve met great people in the fandom.

I wish I could find words to describe the emotions I felt, to gush out every feeling or memory I’ve kept. 

But that’s just it. It’s left me.. speechless. Never has a game got me so attached.

And I want to thank Toby Fox for that.

For helping me get out of a dark spot. For giving me inspiration once again. 

And not just me. Undertale has inspired many other people. Given a positive outlook, even just a way to cope, or feel better.

Words cannot describe my gratitude. And I probably won’t stop drawing, staying inspired by the game anytime soon.

I’ve been into Undertale for almost a year now. And I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it for a long, long time.

Again, thank you Toby Fox. You may not see this, but knowing how amazing you are makes me feel thankful enough. :)

Undertale belongs to tobyfox.
Art belongs to me.
Please do not repost elsewhere. Please do not steal/trace.

.::Swapfell Sans::. by PikaSonic
.::Swapfell Sans::.
This is about a couple months old. I was hasty on posting this elsewhere, but eh - have at it.

The rest of the description is just a tiny rant, so ya don't have to bother reading it. If you do anyways - congrats I guess.

I'll be honest here. I like some AU's of Undertale - Underfell, Underswap, Dusttale, Horrortale... not just for their take, but I'm a sucker for interesting designs and backstories (especially ones that have what-if theories and put it into their own twist). I don't try to follow the countless others, I like sticking to maybe a mere 6 or 7? Sure.
But then along came these.. AU's, within AU's, I like to call. Don't get me wrong, aside from Swapfell's.. history, I love the designs of the characters, and I like putting in my own mix (such as SF!Sans retaining some of UF!Papyrus's and US!Sans' personality; he tries to act badass, but in the end, simple things like puppies or juggling tricks bring out his "inner child"). I don't like the concept of these AU's within AU's simply because a lot of the time it drives further and further away from the canon storyline. Hence the reason I see Swapfell as kind of its own thing; due to how drastically different it is from Undertale. Hell, there's no "Under" or "tale" in its name. It's just a combination of AU's meshed together and- bam.

So there's my take on this AU-ception fest.


Swapfell!Sans belongs to ??? (not sure who the original creator is)

Original Sans belongs to tobyfox.

Art belongs to me.
Please do not repost elsewhere. Please do not steal/trace.
.::Let's Begin, Kid::. by PikaSonic
.::Let's Begin, Kid::.
"*you are the one who holds the hands of time. lets see what makes you t i c k."


Behind the shadows I have been working on this freaking thing on and off for at least a week, give or take.

I wanted to do a remake of the older version of this:…
For the most part this was experimentation with different brushes and settings and I'm happy with most of the outcome!


The hell with it, tho. I will announce the title of the second part/finale of Cyantale early!

It will be called Cyantale: A New Echo.

I will also be continuing the comic traditionally!

So that's about it.

If you have not read the first part of my comic and are interested, you can read from the beginning right here:…

Undertale belongs to tobyfox.
Cyantale and Cyans/the designs/art belong to me.

Do not repost this please. Do not steal/trace my work.

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